Have you considered applying for a SETA bursary?

Have you registered for a qualification when you passed Matric, but couldn’t continue due to a lack of funds? Perhaps you didn’t know what to study? Maybe you didn’t have the option of studying, and your family needed you to go right out and look for a job? Whatever your situation, a bursary could be a great opportunity to widen your horizons and open new employment opportunities for you.

A bursary is a means of funding studies in a discipline. The Services SETA  focuses on providing access to educational opportunities in the services industry. The bursaries can cover several things, including tuition fees, books and accommodation. Depending on the bursary, these costs might be covered in part or in full. You will have to meet certain criteria to qualify, and this will be different depending on the type of bursary you apply for. The criteria might include age criteria, a certain score in Matric, and proof that you have registered with a higher education institution. You must make sure that you meet the criteria of the bursary you are applying for.

 Bursaries Employed: This is a grant awarded to employed learners enrolled for part qualifications or full qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Bursaries Employed 18.1 (presented via the learnership mode)l: This is a structured Learnership which includes theoretical & practical workplace experiential learning over a period of at least 12 months and leads to an occupationally related qualification registered on the NQF and up to NQF Level 5. Learners in this form of learnership programme already earn salaries and are therefore not entitled to a stipend.

Bursaries Unemployed: This is a grant awarded to unemployed learners enrolled for part-time qualifications or full qualifications registered on the NQF level 5 and higher. Training provided with the support of these bursaries may not be in the form of a learnership.

Funding amounts vary based on the type of institution you are registered with, for TVETS it is R35 000 and R65 000 for universities. 

 To find out more visit Services SETA website http://www.serviceseta.org.za