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Almost 5,000 young people throughout South Africa have experienced the benefits of Harambee’s online learning value offerings since April 2018, and another 5,000, or more, young work-seekers in Buffalo City Municipality will soon experience the same. This innovation is really exciting because the courses are demand-led, meaning that they prepare work-seekers for existing demand in the economy where they can use the skills they learn online to enter the world of work or generate an income on their own.

Failed matric? or Need to improve your results? One of the programmes offered through the Bumb'INGOMSO hub is called 2nd Chance Matric. It’s a logical and engaging self-directed learning journey with high-resolution video content, which helps candidates prepare for their Matric re-write in either Mathematics, Physical Science or English First Additional Language. These are the in-demand subjects that have a shorter path to landing a job in the technical sector. The other online learning offerings offered by Harambee are practice exercises for the K53 Learner’s License and the Job Seeker’s guide to Employability.

 Ayanda Mvelashe with Aphiwe Ntlemeza

The Candidate's Journey 

Ayanda Mvelashe (34) from Duncan Village completed Microsoft Office Course on the 10th of November 2018 at the Harambee BCM Hub and received his certification from Harambee.

The excited candidate refers to the experience as one that will “open doors for him”. According to Ayanda Mvelashe “I didn’t expect that one day I would have my own certificate and I am proud of Harambee and will use these certificates to help other people like me”. Even though Ayanda has not obtained any IT qualification yet, this certification in Microsoft Office has resulted in him seeking to adventure into IT.

Get Involved 

The Microsoft Office Course takes the entire day and is Free, afterward candidates get to print out their certification. Online learning increase employability, it also increases motivation, confidence and income-generating skills. Candidates will not only grow their skills but also network with other positive and engaged work-seekers in their community. 

To make these offerings accessible to young people, Harambee has developed online learning labs at various local libraries! You can sign up at the King William’s Town Learning Lab or Buffalo City Municipality Library for your FREE online learning courses.