Being the Change

05 Nov 2018

The Bumb’INGOMSO Leadership Network (BLN) is movement of young leaders collectively empowering young women, creating opportunities to innovatively tackle community challenges and shaping young women to LEAD. Through the network, young women are able to help each other unlock their inner potential and provide a supportive platform for this process.


BLN is a leadership programme for innovators aged 15-29 years. The project focuses on developing young women with leadership potential to be innovators and change makers in their communities.

SINAZO MASETI (24) is a Lovedale College TVET graduate and has a Management Assistant diploma. She joined Activate Leadership and has her own programme called, “The Voice YDP”. “I am a respectful, active and ambitious young woman.”

INGANATHI MTIYA (20) is a final year Education and Development student at BCC and is a peer educator. “I love working with young people and sharing information that will help others to become successful.”

AYABONGA JEZILE (24) is a talented soccer player and volunteers for a HIV prevention programme at her community clinic. “I use sport to gather young people and engage with them on a variety of issues that they face.”

HAPPINESS NJOBE (22) is a youth worker with Activate Leadership. “I love helping and motivating young people, especially when it comes to life skills and pursuing their studies.”

Each mentor has their own story to tell, their own successes and lessons learned.

This and their passion for moving other women forward is what makes the Bumb’ingomso Leadership Network such an exciting programme to be part of.


Sisipho Nongqayi.jpg

Sisipho Nonqgayi (26), attended a camp and was inspired to use what she learnt to start her own project. She shares her passion for the creative arts with children in Scenery Park. “I started a group called ‘Futures of Tomorrow’ where I teach around 22 children dance, music, poetry and acting,” explains Sisipho. “The aim is to prevent child abuse and teen pregnancy, which is rife in my community.” Unfortunately, Sisipho failed matric and fell pregnant while writing her supplementary exams. “I wanted to give up, but my family encouraged me to go back to school”. She then enrolled for an Education Development course at Buffalo City Campus (BCC) and that’s where she started pursuing her passion. She became a chess champion and was part of a group of female poets called Catalias. “After I graduated, I struggled to find a job. I joined an acting group, but I wanted my own group that I could teach and inspire,” she remembers. She joined BLN early in 2017. At the leadership camp, she shared her wish to teach creative arts to children in Scenery Park. They loved the idea and helped Sisipho to get it going. “I’m happy that I get to teach children something they can make something out of. I am driven to change young people’s mindsets and to expose them to other opportunities.” Sisipho hopes to grow her organisation and start performing at events. She also wants to start tutoring classes and be an even bigger part of building a brighter future for young children.