CHANGE MAKER - Changing the face of beauty

16 Oct 2018

Empowering young South African women to become leaders by making a difference in their communities.

Cindy Mabinza (25) is putting herself out there to make a difference. She is studying in a historically male dominated sector and has decided that a pageant is the best way for her to make a difference. 


I stay in Southernwood and I’m doing Mechanical Engineering at Walter Sisulu University. I’m also a semi-finalist, representing the Eastern Cape in Miss Eagle South Africa 2018. I was born and raised in Butterworth. Because of financial problems I took a gap year after matriculating, thereafter I studied N3 and N4 in Mechanical Engineering at Buffalo City Public FET College while also working. I love modelling, travelling and reading.


Growing up it has always been my dream to make a difference in my country. I believe in myself and my abilities. I also believe that you can train and become brilliant at anything when you put your mind to it.


Solving problems in general has always been my greatest happiness. I love working with numbers, and mechanical engineering has given me that platform through mathematics. A mechanical engineer needs to accept responsibility for the decisions they make, and be a person who has the analytical ability for identifying effective and appropriate engineering solutions to problems. Moreover, the beauty on wheels (cars) has always fascinated me. To keep my dream alive, I went for mechanical engineering and I am now in my second year of studies.


This is my first attempt at entering a pageant. It is the largest and first online “Beauty with Brains and Purpose” contest in the country. Being a part of such an amazing journey and a life-changing pageant means that I am making history. The pageant focuses on women’s empowerment, women’s leadership, self-discovery and personal growth. It empowers young South African women to become leaders by making a difference in their communities. I entered this pageant because I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact and a difference and MESA has given me that platform. To soar higher, like an eagle, because the eagle soars high above the clouds. Not to look down on people but to encourage them to look up.


As contestants we are encouraged to give back by supporting various charities like feeding the hungry, visiting schools and empowering young people with education and advice. We also address many current issues such as women abuse, breast cancer awareness and various other important issues to help uplift our communities and our country as a whole. Some of the things I have done include visiting an orphanage in Duncan Village - To Care Children’s Home. I had the privilege of putting smile’s on the children’s faces by giving them fruit and snacks. I have also handed out blankets to the homeless around East London, amongst other things.


There are activities that as contestants have to complete –in record time and I’m involved with that. We are also encouraged to write a book, so I’m busy working on mine. And of course I am also focused on my schoolwork. I would also like to be a part of the Bumb’INGOMSO Project.


Completing my Mechanical Engineering studies. My goal is to lead by example and live to inspire the young women of South Africa. I want them to believe in themselves so strongly that they can accomplish everything they put their minds too. I want every young person to comprehend that anything is possible with a good education. We wish you every success Cindy and look forward to cheering you on as you continue to make an impact.